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Rules and Suggestions

Please read and understand the following rules and suggestions that we have laid out for you.Some of these will be reiterated along with instructions once you arrive, but not all.So please read the following to all members of your party

  1. Payment is due at the time of booking.  Payment is Non Refundable!

    • Your ride will take place in rain or shine, cold or hot.

    • We will reschedule due to thunderstorms only when lightning in present as well as any extreme weather conditions. (below freezing, exceedingly hot, etc.)

    • In the event of cancellation or rescheduling due to inclement weather your payment will be held for your next reservation.

    • It is your responsibility to contact us to reschedule.

    • The number of horses that you reserve will be the number you are charged for. (example: If you book 7 horses and only arrive with 4 riders, then you will be charged for 7 riders.)

    • If you fail to arrive and do not give notice then the full amount of your reservation will be charged.

  2. There is a 250 pound weight limit

  3. A minimum of 1 rider in every party must be a minimum of 18 years old, and by paying and agreeing to the rules takes full responsibility for any and all underage riders.

  4. Please make sure a choose the correct number of riders on the book online form where it says number of rider 4 years old and older.

  • If you fail to do this part correctly we cannot grantee you the space you need for your ride.

  • There is a limit to 10 riders per ride, if the number of riders you need isn't available at that ride time please call and to inquire if your party can be accommodated or if there is a different time available.

  1.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation time.

    • You will be given 10 minutes past your scheduled time before you will relinquish that reservation.

    • If you are the only party at a particular ride time then your ride can be cut short, to accommodate following reservations, without any discount.

  2.   Dress Code

    • All shoes must have a backing (no flip flops, crocs without back straps, etc.)

    • Shorts are acceptable; however we suggest long pants.

    • All loose articles (hats, shades, cell phones, etc.) must be secure to your person.

    • We will not stop the ride to pick up dropped items.

  3.   Horses will be picked for you based on age, size and riding experience.

    • We ask you to please keep all horses in a single file line throughout the trail ride.

    • We ask you to please keep all horses approx.. 6ft apart.

    • No running will be permitted on the ride, you will be asked to dismount and return to the equine parking lot with no refund.

    • No riding experience is required

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